Choosing the right leather jackets online can be tricky.

Full length leather jackets, if not well tailored or designed, can make you look frumpy. Since most jackets are ready-made, the solution lies in finding the one that suits you.

Rather than merely reviewing what’s available online, we even consulted some designers and stole a few handy tips on choosing the perfect jacket for various body types.

Here are some suggestions based on our research that you may rely upon:

For the Pear-shaped

The pear-shape is defined by a narrow waist and wide hips. These women possess the advantage of highlighting their waists. According the experts, nothing does this better than an A-line maxi gown dress, preferably in a romantic, flowing material. You may choose a gorgeous heavy satin dress with an empire waist and a sweetheart neckline. A sequined bodice will downplay the lower half and accentuate your good points. But if you don’t mind flaunting your wide hips, try a strapless cocktail maxi gown that is sexy and form fitting.

For the Petite

Full, single-length ones should be avoided by shorter gals. Instead go for dresses with asymmetrical cuts that fall till the ankle, and in lighter fabrics and colours. A backless gown with a high side slit can look stunning especially when paired with fancy stilettos. Keep the sleeves short or go sleeveless. Tip – Wear delicate accessories and jewelry rather than chunky pieces. We found maxi gown with a host of interesting hemlines, ruffles and cuts to suit the most petite women.

For the Broad-shouldered

Leather jacket in black colour with a V-neckline and long sleeves, halter necks or sleeveless with broad straps are highly recommended. These don’t cover up, they instead, flatter heavy or broad shouldered bodies and add to their appeal. We identified some slinky satin gowns with full tapering sleeves and low necklines perfect for broad shoulders and even a heavy bust. It was the ravishing sequined dresses range in dark, solid colours with A-line cuts that really caught our eye.

So, if you’re searching for the right leather jackets and are overwhelmed with the online selections, narrow down your search using our simple tips.

There is truly a wide variety of maxi gowns for every type of woman and body type, available online. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

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