Pretty sure that there are individuals out there, who are interested in designing their own T-shirt print. Well, you can do this well, if you have the artistic skills. I know that you will be very happy to wear your own designs. Actually, this is a good idea because our taste when it comes to printings will not always be available in the market.

However, if you would like to also try printing on other items, such as mugs, posters and postcards, then you should check out for more ideas. Such sites will surely interest you, especially when you are looking for printing services for souvenirs and gifts.

Going back to T-shirts, you should know that you have a lot of options to choose from, when it comes to the method or process of printing this design to the fabric. Some of you may still be using the classic ways, while the others do the hi-tech ones, especially when they have sufficient funds to buy the machine. Anyway, no matter what design you have, you should know that this is possible, as long as you are skilled and familiar with the different types of printing for your customized shirts.

Screen Printing

I supposed everybody knows about this silkscreen, which is used to print on T-shirts. You have to be a professional with this one. A lot of people are relying on it because it is actually the cheapest way.

It is also good to learn about it, especially when you want to imprint your own customized designs. Therefore, practice using the stencil with its nylon mesh. Just make sure that the material is waterproof for the spaces. Prepare your ink and start the job – click here for a short tutorial.

Plastisol Transfer

If you are familiar with silkscreen, then you will find it easy to use a plastisol because they are similar. What makes them different is the process. Here, the ink used will be first transferred to the plastisol and after that, it will be transferred on the fabric.

The good side with this type is the fact that you can produce is durable printout. With the quality of work, you may use it not only for personal purposes, but for large orders as well. You just need to be careful not to break the print, if you want it to last longer.

Heat Press

Here, you need to prepare a transfer paper or vinyl. You need to have a heat press machine for this method. It is an ideal way to show complicated designs on fabric with light colors. This process is quite time consuming. Therefore, it is not ideal for bulk orders, but with speedy equipment, then you can finish more shirts.

This is actually the easiest way to learn, if you would like to imprint your customized designs on a T-shirt. All you need is to apply heat as well as pressure on the garment. The time it will take to transfer the ink on the fabric depends on the quality of your machine.

DTG or Direct to Garment

For a complex design, it would be ideal to use a DTG over a silkscreen, which are both popular methods. Again, the right skills are needed for this to work right. No matter how good you are in customizing a designing, if you do not know how to manipulate your machine, then you will fail it.

Anyway, a DTG has been just like a printer for your computer. However, instead of using a piece of paper, you need the fabric. Therefore, make sure to save your masterpiece in the computer. Make sure it comes with a high quality ink for a better resolution.

Computer Aided Design or CAD Cut

Now, if you have the skills in using CAD, then you can surely customize a design with numbers, names and logos. Knowledge in CAD is required because this is where you will create the project. Again, the output would look great when heat transfer is used.

However, it is advised to use around 3 colors. Anyway, it is durable, but you may only take small orders for this type. Therefore, you still have other options, if you would like to print in bulk.

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