With a little over a year since Apple released the iMovie on the App Store, the video-sharing site has become the best-known of all online movie services. The service offers customers access to more than one hundred and twenty million videos, as well as an unlimited viewing of the featured movies. While the App Store lags behind in terms of popularity, YouTube is now the biggest player in mobile video, with over two hundred and forty million subscribers. With this much traffic, it’s no wonder that companies are looking to make their own versions of the best customer service videos on the site. For companies that want to create an effective training video, however, it’s important to remember that although the options are great, the format is not exactly easy to work with. At Gawdo.com, you will be professionally served in terms of video submission, video and animation, video advertorials, intro & outro videos, short videos, whiteboard animation etc. Get in touch with Gawdo.com to get a range of services in a short period of time.

There are two main options available when making videos for use on the App Store: clips and full-length videos. Both types can be uploaded but using clips tend to be more flexible since you have more freedom to add visual elements and transitions. However, full-length service videos require specific tools that aren’t always available on the smaller-sized App. Although many companies may find the length necessary to justify making the switch, it’s best to consider the pros and cons of each option before settling on which one to upload.

Clips are a great choice for many reasons. For one, you don’t have to worry about having to re-recruit employees or search for new footage to include in your customer service videos. Instead of spending hours editing a video to meet the needs of a tight deadline, clips can be posted immediately. Plus, customers prefer videos that include actual people talking, instead of faceless company employees. When clips feature a real person or group interacting with customers, they’re far more likely to engage and watch the entire clip.

However, clips aren’t always the best option for presenting company information. While they allow you to present your products or services in an effective manner, they also limit how much impact you can make with visual aids. Large-scale videos featuring executives from across the country rarely engage viewers unless they have something to discuss. Smaller videos with personalized touch points and highly detailed explanations rarely hold their own, unless they’re paired with accompanying documentation.

A well-designed video can increase your company’s ability to reach out to a wider demographic, but in order for this to work effectively, it has to be well-promoted. Unless you’re able to personally supervise every step of the video production process, outsourcing the task may be the best option for you. Hiring professionals who can produce custom videos for your company can help you spread your message by creating custom videos tailored to your particular audience. You can choose to feature local representatives or use a larger company’s services to create nationwide campaigns. Even if you only need videos for specific regions, there are services that will be able to create a campaign that works for you. For instance, smaller companies in the Southeast may be able to benefit more from a short video rather than a lengthy, high-production documentary. At Gawdo.com the experts are well familiar with the high-end editing programs in producing high-quality videos.

If your company’s website doesn’t already contain a number of well-made videos, consider hiring professionals to produce a number of different videos. Consumers tend to look for new products or services whenever possible, so having a video that introduces the product or service as well as explaining its features is an excellent way to entice customers to try out your product. In addition, a video can also provide valuable content for website articles that consumers read in between other things. The more quality content that you have on your website, the more likely consumers will find you and keep coming back.

Customer service videos can also help convince potential customers to visit your website in the first place. Although it’s impossible to predict exactly what a customer will want to purchase, incorporating services in a video can give the impression that you have thought of everything. These videos can even inspire customers to sign up for future services.

A great example of a customer service video is one produced by the online travel agency Orbitz. The Orbitz “Watch Now” feature gives people the chance to view their plane tickets before they are bought. This video shows the long lines of people waiting in line to get on their flight. The video not only shows how easy it is to get great deals on cheap flights, but the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction as evidenced by the refund rates of its previous customers.


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