We’ve all heard our grandparents mutter about needing their “readers”. This was a common problem for people as they aged, and their eyes became sensitive to the small print they were reading. Now that we are in the digital era we are experiencing computer vision syndrome. We spend most of our day staring at a computer screen, smart phone, tablet or smart board. The constant light refraction can cause¬†blurred vision, headaches and other vision problems. The muscles within the eyes are often under so much strain that tension headaches, blurred vision and eye dryness can occur.

Gone are the days of ugly pharmacy reading glasses. Many savvy vision centers across the nation are taking note of the growing number of patients they are treating with this vision impairment. Designers are making trendy frames to accommodate any type of face shape. These frames can be ready in an hour at some places. Customers can even take part in online glasses ordering programs and have their glasses delivered directly to their homes.

Many customers admit that within the first few hours they notice improvement in their eye site. Headache suffers often feel a decrease of headaches within the first two days of wearing their glasses for their screen impairment. The glare is instantly neutralized, and the eyes begin healing.

In addition to purchasing lenses that can decrease the glare caused by the constant use of technology there are a few other things people can do to relieve eye strain. While at work it is important to take screen time breaks. Set a reminder on your phone to go off at least once an hour. This will prompt you to look away from your computer screen. Take a few minutes to get up and walk to a water cooler or look out a window. Allow your eyes to readjust to their natural surroundings. When you leave work try to take a break from technology. After working at a desk top for eight hours you should not go home and immediately go back to desk top, television or tablet. Limit the bright light exposure and try to allow your optical muscles to relax. It is also important to achieve eight hours of sleep each night. This is important time for your eyes to rest and regain strength. Watching TV and reading on a tablet late at night will only further the damage to your eyes.

When you decide to take the plunge and purchase glare reducing glasses from your eye doctor make sure to have a full optical exam performed. It is best to be certain the eye strain you are suffering from is truly associated with too much screen time and not any other underlying causes. You should also contact your vision insurance provider and inquire about coverage prior to making your appointment. Sometimes insurance will cover an entire visit but set a dollar amount on glasses or contacts. It is best to be fully informed on all payment options and insurance coverage prior to showing up for your appointment.

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