Bold, funky, and colorful socks have quickly become a huge fashion trend in every social circle. Whether it is on campus, in the boardroom, or at any event, patterns are popping up everywhere on the feet of the stylish trendsetters.

One of the best ways to add a pop of color to your sock collection is through a sock subscription service such as Lucid Socks. However, once you have your colorful socks, there are a few tips you should follow to best make use of your new fashion

Casual calls for color

When you are dressing casually, you should be dressing in colorful socks. Period. Show off your imagination and personality with loud, crazy, and bold socks to add some pop to your more subdued casual attire.

Make it match

Make sure your sock choice matches your attire. Whether it is formal, or business casual this leads to more subtle socks such as ones with bold patterns or bright colors, rather than cartoons or logos.

Socks, meet pants

Matching the base color of your socks to the color of your pants (or at least within a few tones of it) is a great way to make sure that your outfit is cohesive. Blue jeans? Try socks with a lot of blue in them. Chinos? Grey socks. However, there are a lot of funky patterns that go well with a good pair of jeans. So, don’t be scared.

Avoid color when …

While colorful socks are fashionable and fun, there are occasions where you should absolutely avoid flashy splashes of color. When it comes to super formal situations such as funerals, or occasions requiring tuxedos, you should avoid color. Breaking out your silly, or flashy socks in these situations can go from playful to immature real quick.

This post was written by Matt Conklin, owner and sock aficionado at Lucid Socks. Lucid Socks is the best monthly sock club subscription. Lucid Socks’ sock of the month club features a random hand picked pair of socks from one of our many categories of unique and humorous socks.

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