There’s nothing worse than being over or under-dressed at a social occasion. Perhaps you’ve arrived at a garden party wearing casual clothes only to discover every other guest is dressed in formal wear. Or you’ve turned up to an outdoor function in smart business wear when other attendees are dressed in summer skirts and beach shorts. Inevitably, you’ll feel awkward and out of place, and even a little self-conscious, even though you’re out at an event, party or function and supposed to be enjoying yourself! Just as you don’t want this to happen with your outfit, similarly you will look out of place if you don’t choose the right pair of sunglasses to match the occasion. And just like clothes, certain sunglasses suit different occasions, most notably of a casual or formal setting. While many people have a drawer or cupboard full of sunglasses of differing colours, brands and lenses, at the very least you could get by with two pairs of sunglasses using one for casual occasions and the other as a formal option. There are some basic rules and guidelines you can utilize to determine whether a pair of sunglasses is better suited to a casual or formal occasion.

Sunglasses suitable for casual wear generally feature curvier, rounder frames to reflect a more playful, relaxed style. A playful style of frame such as cat’s eye or John Lennon-style circles suit casual occasions. Similarly, lenses tend to be rounder but styles such as Ray Ban Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses would also fit.

The great thing about sunglasses for casual occasions is that you can pretty much experiment and have fun with the colour of frame or lens you choose. Go for a bright, bold or lighter colour, and think about mirrored or blue-coloured lenses for something quirky and different.

When you’re at a formal occasion, think about wearing sunglasses featuring straighter lines or a more rectangular shape than the type of sunglasses you might choose for a casual function, though frames with a slight curve are fine also. Think sophistication, under-statement and a little safer in style when it comes to formal occasions. With lenses, you should steer clear of coloured tints and mirrored lenses as these may appear too casual. A simple dark tint is the best bet.

Unlike sunglasses for casual occasions, a formal pair of glasses should be more under-stated and classic. Look for classic black or silver-metal frames to ensure your sunglasses are appropriate for formal occasions. Heritage luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Versace sunglasses offer a range of designs that might be best suited for formal occasions, rather than some other brands which are best suited for fun days at the beach or more relaxed events.

Clearly, when it comes to authentic designer sunglasses you have the widest range of choices to choose from to make sure that your styling requirements are met. The top designer sunglasses brands including Versace, Emporio Armani, Prada, and Ray-Ban Sunglasses offer the best options for formal or casual wear so you will never feel out of place wherever you go!

The right pair of sunglasses will allow you to look your best and comfortable anytime and anywhere. Do you have any other ideas on what to wear for formal or casual styling? Got tips on how to style up with your favourite eyewear?

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